Biostimulator injections

Biostimulator injections are an increasingly popular skin tightening cosmetic procedure that work by injecting a biocompatible synthetic substance that stimulates collagen production. As a result, patients are left with healthy and natural looking more youthful skin. Fine lines and skin folds are improved. It may also improve acne scars.

Skin aging involves a loss of collagen and thinning of elastic fibres (elastin). Elastin and collagen form the ‘scaffolding’ of the face and as they diminish with age, we lose structure and elasticity in the skin resulting in facial laxity or ‘sagging’ & fine lines and wrinkles. Biostimulator injections can help replenish the lost collagen and elastin.

Biostimulator injectable treatments can be used on many areas of the face and body including cheeks, temples, lower cheeks, jawline, neck, abdomen, arms and legs. Unfortunately due to Australian regulations, we are not allowed to name the product used.


Biostimulator injections are ideal for rejuvenating the skin without adding volume or ‘bulk’ to the treatment area and are a complement to volumizing treatments such as treatment with dermal fillers.


You may notice results after a few weeks, but it can take a few months to see the full results of your treatment.                           



Results vary depending on your age, the area and skin condition treated, the technique and the amount of product used. Individual results may vary. In most instances, multiple sessions, usually 2-3 sessions at 4-6 weekly intervals are required for optimal correction. Individual responses vary, so the exact number of treatments sessions required cannot be predicted with complete accuracy.


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