Complete Pigment Plus

Complete Pigment Plus

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An advanced formula that combines Tranexamic Acid and Tyrostat-11™ unveiling a more even, radiant-looking complexion.

Multipathway action on hyperpigmentation results in a clearer, rejuvenated younger-looking skin 


Suitable for:

•  All skin types
•  Pigmentation
•  Ageing



Tranexamic Acid - An amino acid that helps to diminish the appearance of existing dark spots and prevent further signs of ageing.
Niacinamide - Evens skin tone improving the appearance of redness and discolouration.
RadianSkin™ - Works in synergy with other ingredients to target pigmented dark areas.
Tyrostat-11™ - A powerful complex of Rumex Occidentalis and Vitamin C to help illuminate and even out complexion.
L-Lactic Acid - An Alpha Hydroxy Acid that assists with micro-exfoliation, improving skin texture.