Purity Balance

Purity Balance

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Exfoliating Prep Toner


Purity Balance is a pore-refining toner that exfoliates and preps skin as it helps absorb excess oil and impurities for a clearer-looking complexion.


• Eliminates pore-clogging oil and impurities
• Helps restore balance to the skin
• Gently exfoliates to refine the look of pores
• Cleans acne-prone skin.

Packed with skin-loving ingredients like salicylic and lactic acids, tea tree oil and niacinamide, this bestselling toner works to exfoliate and deep clean pores without stripping the skin.


When we wash our face, the pH of our skin can become unbalanced. This luxurious toner works to help restore balance to your complexion and clean skin of any excess oil and impurities for a shine-free finish that’s never dry or tight. Going beyond the basic role of a toner by helping keep your skin clean and refreshed, Purity Balance leaves you with a healthy-looking complexion and a natural glow.



Key ingredients

Salicylic Acid - Provides gentle exfoliation to deep clean pores
Chirally Correct L-Lactic Acid -Gently softens and smooths skin for a glowing, fresh look and feel
Tea Tree Oil - Balances and clarifies for clearer-looking skin
Niacinamide - Helps improve skin texture and tone

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