Skin Micro Filler

What is Skin Micro Filler?

Skin Micro Filler is a dermal filler treatment designed to improve skin hydration and skin quality. It contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA), powerhouse of all things hydration, and essential nutrients (amino acids, vitamin B6, and antioxidants) to re-densify and hydrate the skin from within. Collagen and HA are vital to maintaining the health of our skin. Collagen provides skin with it’s firmness, but it is HA that nourishes and hydrates the collagen. 

How does this treatment improves the skin?

Micro droplets of filler are placed within the skin tissues and can be injected over large treatment areas of the face, neck, décolletage, and hands to softly revitalise the beauty and radiance of your skin. This treatment has the ability to target and hydrate the last 0.5mm - 2mm of the skin with the advance technology of an injecting gun which evenly distributes filler using 9 microneedles with precision. For fully customised treatments, depth of needles are altered depending on area of treatment for optimal benefits.

Due to the fine nature of this filler, unlike traditional dermal fillers, they will not volumise or change the shape of your face. During the treatment, the multiple injections activate fibroblasts cells promoting new collagen and elastin formation (Wohlrab et al, 2013). The result is revitalised, radiant, beautiful skin.


What it does:

  • Smoothing of fine lines

  • Improves skin elasticity, texture and hydration

  • Enhances skin glow

  • Firmer, replenished skin


What it is indicated for :

  • Face including eyelids

  • Neck

  • Chest and Decolletage

  • Back of hands

This treatment should be viewed as more regenerative and ongoing in nature. Fibroblasts within the papillary dermis will be activated to lay down new collagen and elastin, resulting in a thicker and more elastic dermis. These results should remain for many months post treatment. The effects are subtle and natural looking.

Is this treatment painful?

Treatment takes 30-60 minutes and is performed by our expert Doctors and Clinical Nurse Specialist. Your clinician will discuss pain management prior to commencement of treatment.  To keep discomfort to a minimum, a topical anaesthetic is applied prior to treatment to help keep discomfort to a minimum.

What to expect after treatment?

Post treatment, there may be redness and occasional bruising. Small raised bumps may be visible on the injection sites; the bumps are similar in size and appearance to hives and will diminish over the next several hours or days. Camouflage makeup is available at the clinic and can be used to cover these spots.  Avoid your normal makeup and exercise for 24 hours, otherwise, you may return to normal activity following the treatment. The skin usually looks immediately brighter and refreshed, and feels plump and smooth once the side effects subsides. 


What's my expected treatment plan?

We recommend 3 treatments every four weeks to start. The treatment can be repeated, and many often choose to do so once every 4-6 months to maintain the skin. Maintenance can be accentuated through the use of skin care or other treatments.


The Australian therapeutic goods administration (TGA) guidelines do not allow the use of specific medical product names on the internet. Therefore, all references on this site refer to approved headings of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. The practice uses only the highest quality and medically tested products available. As we cannot discuss the individual products, the details of adverse effects possible can only be discussed at your consultation. For further details on the exact treatments performed by our practice please contact us on 0414 484 191

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