Skinscope Skin Analysis

We provide a full-service Skinscope Skin Analysis.

While some skin concerns and imperfections are visible in everyday light, some will only be visible under UV light which highlights damage beneath the skin’s surface by detecting skin’s fluorescence.

The SkinScope LED has two light modes: simulated Daylight mode for reviewing visible skin conditions and concerns, and a LED-UV light mode for reviewing skin fluorescence (emitted at 320-365nm).


The simulated Daylight mode allows for the clear illumination of ‘visible’ concerns. This can highlight areas of redness, irritation, visible dryness, oiliness, wrinkles, and pigmentation.


    2. LED-UV (320-365nm)

The LED-UV mode illuminates sub-surface imperfections visualized by the fluorescence of the skin. This brings to life concerns that may be faintly visible in daylight but are acutely emphasized under UV light. While healthy skin reflects back UV light creating a blue glow, melanin (pigmentation) in the skin absorbs the light showing as dark spots on the surface of the face. Similarly, congested pores give off pink or orange fluorescence, oily skin is visible in a yellow colour, and dry flaky skin shines as bright white fluorescence. Large patches of darker blue indicate areas of thinner, dehydrated skin.

Skinscope skin analysis is now available at Face To Face Medical. Skin enlightenment begins with a complimentary Skin Consultation which allows us to prescribe your perfect day and night regime. Book your consultation today with one of our skin specialist on 0414 484 191.