Quick Facts

  • Bunny Lines are the lines on either side of the nose.
  • Bunny Lines are also called nasal scrunch lines.

What are Bunny lines?

Bunny Lines are horizontal wrinkles on either side of the nose. They appear when you scrunch up your nose when you laugh or smile deeply.

What causes Bunny lines?

There are two main causes of bunny lines:


Initially bunny lines form when we are smiling or scrunching our nose. When we relax our facial expressions, the lines disappear. They are dynamic lines (only present on facial expressions). However, as we age, we lose collagen and elastin in the skin and the skin becomes thinner. With repeated facial expressions over time, such as smiling, these lines form into permanent etched lines and become static lines (present even when our face is at rest).

Antiwrinkle Injections in the frown or Crow’s Feet can also exacerbate Bunny Lines. Sometimes, when specific facial muscles are relaxed, other muscles work overtime to compensate for them. Therefore, the bunny lines may become more obvious. We often elect to pre-emptively treat this area when addressing other wrinkles, like Frown Lines, to avoid Bunny Lines in the first place.

Bunny Lines Treatments

How to treat Bunny Lines?

Treatment with Antiwrinkle Injections is simple with no downtime. Antiwrinkle Injections are strategically injected into either side of the nose to relax the muscles causing the lines. A comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy and musculature is essential when treating bunny lines to avoid complications such the smile dropping. The clinicians at Face To Face Medical are experienced and skilled injectors well versed in facial anatomy. Dr Dahlia Tauber is the author of the widely used manual in the use of Antiwrinkle Injections and a national and international clinical trainer and lecturer in the use of Dermal Fillers and Antiwrinkle Injections.

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