Quick facts

Lip Filler injections are a treatment that may:

  • Restore volume in deflated and dehydrated lips.
  • Enhance the size and shape in youthful lips.
  • Reduce lip lines.

Lip Filler treatment can look natural when thoroughly assessed and treatment is individualized to suit your lip and facial balance.

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Am I A Good Candidate for Lip Fillers?

First and foremost, our practice is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of beauty. We tailor make lip treatments depending on your age and your wishes and then contour your lip shape and volume to create a harmonious balance with the rest of your face. If you are young and would like to enhance or enlarge your lips or have noticed thinning and dehydration of the lips and feel as though your lips just don’t have the youthful plump appearance they once did, we have specific Lip Filler products and techniques that will work for you. Many patients notice their lips become thin and dull in appearance as they age, and their lipstick seems to fall into hills and valleys creating lip lines. We can now subtly hydrate, plump and shape lips to fit your life, beauty, and goals.

Lip Filler Treatment

How lips can be enhanced with Dermal Fillers ?

The goal with lip augmentation is to add hydration to the lips, giving them a plumper appearance with less lines while maintaining a natural look. Sometimes, minor adjustments are done such as correction of asymmetry. In the case of disproportionate lips, either top lip augmentation or bottom lip augmentation is done in order to balance out the lips. We focus on enhancing the lips based on their natural shape, ensuring they will match your face perfectly. This ensures that you will have a natural looking result from the fillers.

We can address several aesthetic issues of the lips with lip augmentation and fillers treatment:

  • Enhancement and plumping of the overall size of both lips
  • Correction of the balance of lower to upper lip to bring the ratio closer to the “ideal” of 1:1.6 (lower lip larger) in Caucasians and a more equal upper and lower lip size in Asian or African – American heritage.
  • Enhance lip borders
  • Correction of left to right side lip asymmetry
  • Enhancement of the points of the Cupid’s bow of the middle section of the upper lip, which can descend due to lost volume through ageing, or which may not be prominent in those with thin lips.
  • Enhancement of the upper lip by accentuating the philtral columns, the vertical structures located between the nose and mouth.
  • Lifting the corners of the mouth up
Dermal Lip Filler

How are male lips treated?

A common misconception is that lip filler is only for women, but men are not immune to the effects of ageing. As Men age, they experience a reduction in collagen production which leads to thinning and deflation of their lips. Injecting the lips can help restore this by creating volume. Injecting male lips requires techniques specific to males. They tend to be straighter and not as full as female lips. Male lips are also wider. A thorough assessment, along with our customized approach, will ensure that you receive the look you desire while maintaining a natural look.

How Much Filler Do I need?

In short, the answer is you will get as much filler as is needed to accomplish your lip filler goals. One syringe of filler is approximately ⅕ of a tsp of filler per 1ml syringe which is not a lot of volume. A small amount of lip filler injection material can cause short-term swelling which needs to be taken in to account. It is recommended to use the amount of filler needed to obtain your goal lip shape and aesthetics even if this only requires a small amount of filler.

Can I Get Any Shape Or Any Size I Want With Lip Fillers?

Lip augmentation is a sure way to enhance your lips, increasing the size which can alter the appearance by enlarging the shape. However, lip filler treatments are highly individualized. Working with your lip’s natural anatomy and shape while working towards creating your desired lip shape may not always be fully possible however we will attempt to achieve your goal. We will always provide educated and honest feedback in terms of achieving the results you desire. We can and will absolutely provide a course of action to get you on track to having the lips you’ve always desired, but the size and shape is customised based on the individual’s goals, anatomy and facial harmony.

What is a Lip Flip?

This is an alternative to Lip Filler injections (or an add on) that will provide a subtle enhancement and lift using Anti Wrinkle Injections in the lip border. A lip flip requires precise placement of Anti Wrinkle Injections along the upper lip muscle near the colour border. This relaxes the muscle in turn making the upper lip appear more visible and “flip up”. This creates a fuller, plumper, natural upper lip. The results don’t last as long as filler, usually around 2 months. Often this is performed in combination with lip filler to further enhance and evert the upper lip.

What does the lip filler treatment involve?

We begin with a thorough consultation and treatment planning. We will discuss your concerns with you as well as your aesthetic goals. We will assess your lip’s natural anatomy and give an honest recommendation and a course of action that will help you achieve the lips you’ve always desired.

Lip augmentation injections take about 30 minutes.

We offer two forms of numbing to ensure patients are completely comfortable during their appointment. The procedure starts by numbing the lips with either topical anaesthetic cream or a dental local anaesthetic block. In addition, the filler itself has built in Lignocaine (local anesthetic) to further enhance your comfort.

Either a fine needle or fine micro-cannula (blunt tipped fine instrument), is used to inject the filler into the lips once they are numb. We use many different techniques to inject the lip filler. Every patient is different, and we individualize the treatment considering your goals, anatomy, and facial balance. Often, we use a combination of techniques to further enhance the results.

In some patients, where there are signs of aging in the area around the lips, we aim to rejuvenate this area during the lip filler treatment. By injecting filler into the surrounding area of the lips, this can improve sagging mouth (marionette folds), lift the corners of the mouth, and reduce fine lip lines.

While we are at the forefront of aesthetic lip filler trends, we treat patients with the backbone of science, prudence, and trusted safe injection practices. All of our clinicians are constantly trained on up-to-date lip injection techniques and best practices.

Recovery from Lip injections

Avoid strenuous exercise for the remainder of the treatment day. Bruising at the treatment site may occur. You may resume other normal activities immediately. Temporary, minimal to moderate swelling may be expected. Apply cool compresses to the area treated (avoiding pressure).

It may be normal to experience some tenderness at the treatment site that can last for a few hours or, at times, a couple of days. You may take Paracetamol if you experience any mild tenderness or discomfort.

How long does it last?

Lip filler is often quoted as lasting 3-6 months however the longevity varies greatly in different individuals and often lasts many more months or years.

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