Quick Facts

The Temple is the area on either side of your face next to the eyes
Temple Hollowing creates the appearance of age.
Dermal Fillers can replace the volume lost in temples leading to:

  • a softer more youthful appearance
  • Lifting the outer part of the brows
  • Improving the face shape

What is the temple?

The temple is the area bordered by your Forehead, outer eye socket, upper cheek bone (zygomatic arch), and hairline. The temples affect the overall look of your face. A round, well contoured temple adds to the look of youth and freshness. A refreshed temple softly blends with the adjacent Forehead and cheek area without sharp demarcated edges. It helps support the outer section of the eyebrow called the tail of the brow and prevents it from disappearing with ageing.

Temple Hollowing 01

What causes Temple Hollowing?

As we age, we lose collagen and volume in our skin, muscles, fat, and bone. This leads to a Hollowing of the temples. Even a slight sinking in the temples gives your face a more skeletal, aged, and unhealthy look. Margins between the temple and surrounding Forehead, cheeks and eyes become sharp and harsh. In addition, the loss of volume in your temples can create a shadowed appearance over your cheekbones and eyes and can cause the eyebrows to fold backward and appear short and low.

Although Temple Hollowing occurs with age, it can also occur if you are very athletic or with weight loss. The hollowing process often begins in your 20s or 30s and is a slow, gradual loss of volume, that is often unnoticed by the patient. Only after having the temples treated, do patients realize the antiaging benefits. The clinicians at Face To Face Medical are trained in assessing and treating the subtleties of facial ageing.

Temple Hollowing 02

Dermal Fillers for temple hollows

Dermal Fillers in the temple area can replace the volume lost due to age. Replacing the volume loss with filler, has other benefits as well including:

  • Lifting the outer part of the brows
  • Improving the Forehead area
  • Lifting the cheeks and brows and therefore improving the facial shape from a peanut shape to the more desired oval shape
  • Rejuvenating saggy skin in the area including the Crow’s Feet lines
  • Creating a soft junction between the Temples, Forehead, eyes, and cheeks leading to a more youthful and soft appearance

For this reason, even if you wear your hair over your temples, you will still benefit from temple filler treatment.

It is important to blend the temple with the surrounding areas of the cheek along the zygomatic (cheek) arch, the Forehead, and the outer side of the eye socket. Adding filler to the cheeks and cheek bone at the same time is sometimes used to further blend and accentuate a refreshed look. We are always mindful of maintaining a natural look and do not overfill.

Temple Hollowing Treatment

What is involved in Dermal Fillers treatment for Temples?

A thorough assessment and consultation followed by a treatment plan is discussed with you. Each patient has individual anatomy, goals, and facial balance so we individualize every treatment. Included in the assessment is a careful observation of your facial movements in animation and at rest, your facial shape, and your facial proportions. Photographic documentation is part of every initial assessment. The clinicians at Face To Face Medical are highly skilled and strive for the best and most natural result possible.

The pre-packaged Dermal Fillers gel contains Lignocaine (a local anaesthetic) so discomfort during temple treatment is usually minimal.

A fine needle or micro-cannula (fine blunt tipped instrument) is used to inject the filler into specific areas of the temple. The treatment usually takes around 30 minutes. There may be a slight feeling of pressure during the procedure and a mild headache for a day afterwards. Following the procedure, the veins in the temple may temporarily be more prominent for a few weeks. This is normal and not of concern.

Results are immediate and last for 6 months to 2 years.

Biostimulators Injections for Temples

Biostimulator Injections can also be used to fill temple hollows. Injected using a micro cannula (a fine blunt tipped instrument) it creates a soft smooth contour that lasts for up to 2 years.

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