Consultation Assessment and Treatment Planning

At Face To Face Medical, Dr Dahlia Tauber and her team of practitioners believe the initial consultation is critical. We want you to feel comfortable and informed every step of the way and ensure that we recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

For this reason, we provide this service for free, even if you are not ready for treatment on that day. During our initial assessment and treatment planning, we take great care to understand your concerns and individualize the treatment recommendations.

Consultation For Assessment 01

1 Firstly, we take a full medical and cosmetic history. Included in this is a list of medication, allergies, and any other relevant medical issues. We ensure that you are medically suitable for treatment.

2 We listen carefully to your concerns and strive to achieve your goals with you. We educate you about a range of treatment options available to help you navigate your journey so that you make the best choices for you as an individual.

3 Then a full facial assessment is performed, including all aspects of your face and skin, not just the area you may be wishing to treat. The face is a whole unit and achieving facial harmony includes the assessment of facial proportion and balance. Included in the assessment is a careful observation of your facial movements in animation and at rest and your facial shape. We will always provide educated and honest feedback in terms of achieving the results you desire.

4 Treatment options are then discussed. We will guide you through treatment choices. Each patient has individual anatomy, goals, and facial balance so we individualize every treatment. Including in this discussion are cost, potential risks, and likely results. Aftercare is discussed. A treatment plan is formulated. Any specific concerns about the treatment are discussed together.

5 When you are ready for treatment, we talk you through the consent form.

6 Photographs are taken. This is helpful when comparing results.

7 Ready for treatment.

The clinicians at Face To Face Medical are highly skilled and strive for the best and most natural result possible.

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