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An aesthetically attractive chin in men is different to that in a woman. Dermal Fillers can be used in the chin to:

  • Balance facial proportions especially on profile in women and men.
  • Create a stronger more masculine chin in men.
  • Reduce the appearance of a double chin.
  • Soften or remove the chin crease or other lines.
  • Project the chin forward in a recessed chin.
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What is a desirable chin?

The chin is an important facial landmark that is fundamental in defining a person’s profile. The chin helps to visually distinguish the face from the neck. A chin that is out of proportion to the rest of the face can create an imbalanced appearance.

An ideal female chin:

  • smooth, soft curves
  • rounded edges,

Ideal male chin:

  • wider square chin from the front
  • prominent in profile
  • square and angled
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What is Chin Enhancement?

Non-surgical chin enhancement is a commonly performed procedure on both men and women that involves injecting Dermal Fillers to enhance and shape the chin. Chin Filler can create subtle, natural looking changes to the size, shape, and forward projection of the chin. Strengthening a weak or recessed chin will enhance beauty in women. A sharper, more angular chin will convey a more masculine appearance in men. These enhancements can dramatically improve overall facial balance.

A recessed chin (retrognathia) may be genetic and so it is present from a young age. It causes the facial proportions to be imbalanced especially on profile. Dermal Fillers chin augmentation can add definition and projection to create a more attractive profile.

The chin can change with age causing a loss of forward projection of the chin, a shortening of the chin and particularly in men, a loss of the square prominence. These changes may cause the lower face to appear more aged by causing jowls and neck fullness to appear earlier.

Chin augmentation can:

  • Balance facial proportions especially on profile in women and men.
  • Create a stronger more masculine chin in men.
  • Reduce the appearance of a double chin.
  • Soften or remove the chin crease.
  • Project the chin forward in a recessed chin.
  • Smooth out a dimpled chin.
  • Reshape an asymmetrical chin.
Chin Reshaping Treatment

What does treatment involve?

A thorough assessment and consultation followed by a treatment plan is discussed with you. Each patient has individual anatomy, goals, and facial balance so we individualize every treatment. Included in the assessment is a careful observation of your facial shape and your facial proportions. Photographic documentation is part of every initial assessment. The clinicians at Face To Face Medical are highly skilled and strive for the best and most natural result possible.

Dermal Fillers contain a local anaesthetic mixed in with the pre-packaged filler gel so pain or discomfort during Dermal Fillers injections is usually minimal. A fine needle or micro-cannula (fine blunt tipped instrument) is used to inject the filler into precise areas of the chin to bring it in to balance with your other facial features. The natural contour of your chin will be enhanced, and depending on your wishes and face shape, it can be a subtle or dramatic change. The treatment usually takes around 30 -60 minutes. The effect can last for months or years.

Results are immediate. Our aim is to rejuvenate and enhance while maintaining a natural look.

Antiwrinkle Injections for chin dimpling

As we age, the chin muscle becomes overactive and creates dimpling (“orange peel” appearance) in the chin. In addition, the overactive chin muscle causes the chin to pull up making the chin appear shorter. Using strategically placed Antiwrinkle Injections, the chin muscle can be softened thereby smoothing out the dimples and preventing the chin from moving upwards.

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