What is Bruxism?

Bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding, can result in jaw pain and persistent headaches. It can also diminish tooth enamel and cause sensitivity and even chipped teeth. Bruxism can also alter the contour and shape of the lower face, giving it a squarer, and wider appearance, which appears more masculine.

Treatments for teeth grinding focus mainly on preventing enlarged jaw muscle (Masseter muscle), dental damage, and altered facial shape.

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What is facial slimming?

Facial Slimming is the creation of a more oval or more feminine shape to the face instead of a squarer shaped or masculine type facial structure. An oval or V shaped face is often seen as a characteristic of beauty and femininity. It also tends to make people look thinner despite there being no actual weight loss.

As we age, the lower part of our face widens, and we lose volume in our upper face and cheeks. The harmonious balance of our facial shape changes from an oval or V shape to a squarer shape or in some circumstances the lower face is wider than the upper face. Facial slimming injections may help reverse this shape change. A thorough clinical assessment will be performed prior to treatment by our experienced clinicians to determine whether this treatment is suitable for you.

This procedure is commonly performed on women to slim the facial features giving a more feminine facial structure.

Jaw Slimming treatment is ideal for those who:

  • Have a square shaped Jawline
  • Have a more masculine like Jawline
  • Want to achieve the look of weight loss in the cheeks
  • Decrease teeth grinding and ‘bruxism’
  • Relieve headaches and jaw pain caused by clenching (Bruxism)

This treatment can transform your face from a masculine jaw to a more narrow and oval face in a matter of weeks.

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How is bruxism treated?

Jaw muscles (Masseters) are extremely strong, especially in those who suffer from bruxism. Over time these overactive muscles bulk up and can be treated with Anti-Wrinkle Injections to temporarily relax the masseter muscle. Tiny injections are placed directly into the masseter muscle. This procedure has no downtime and very minimal discomfort.

What results can I expect?

By weakening the muscle with Anti-Wrinkle Injections, it results in improvement for both Bruxism (grinding) and aesthetically slimming the lower face. Results are visible in 2 - 3 weeks and can last from 3 - 12 months before treatment is required again. Post treatment, the jawline is softer, and a slimmer, more oval facial shape is achieved. We recommend 2 treatments, 6 weeks apart for optimal results. Maintenance after a series of treatments can be as little as 6-12 months apart with a single treatment.

Can it be combined with Dermal Fillerss?

Yes, the use of Anti-Wrinkle Injections can be combined with Dermal Fillerss to further enhance your jaw line and improve facial shape. This is achieved by strategically injecting Dermal Fillerss in specific parts of the face such as the jaw line, cheeks, or chin. Each patient has individual anatomy, goals, and facial balance so we individualize every treatment and take great care to understand your wishes.

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What Is The Masseter Muscle?

The masseter muscle is one of the more powerful muscles in the body. Wrapped around the jawbone, the masseter’s job is to open and close the jaw in speech and eating.

When this muscle enlarges, the shape of your face can change – sometimes quite dramatically. For women, this may appear masculine.

What Causes Jaw Muscle Enlargement?

Normal action on its own doesn’t usually cause this type of muscle enlargement. The more frequent causes are teeth grinding and unconscious clenching of the jaw.

Does the injection work straight away?

Injecting the masseter muscle in order to weaken the bulky muscle may take effect in 2-6 weeks.

Are there any risks with treatment?

Treatment involves accurate placement of antiwrinkle injection into the masseter muscle. If a surrounding muscle is inadvertently injected, it can result in a crooked, asymmetrical smile. This is temporary as it eventually wears off after weeks or months. For this reason, it is important to be treated by an experienced practitioner who is well versed in facial anatomy.

Dr Dahlia Tauber has over 20 years’ experience in the use of Anti wrinkle Injections and is a clinical trainer of other practitioners. She is the author of the widely used manual in the use of Anti Wrinkle Injections. She works closely with her team of injectors who are all highly experienced.

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