Quick Facts

  • Nasolabial folds or Smile Lines are a natural part of our face.
  • As we age Nasolabial folds become deeper.
  • Dermal Fillers can improve the appearance of nasolabial folds.
  • Cheek volume loss can exacerbate nasolabial folds.
Nasolabial Lines 01

What Are Nasolabial Folds?

Nasolabial folds are commonly known as Smile Lines or laugh lines. They are the lines that run from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth. They are a normal part of our face, with even children having nasolabial folds that deepen as they smile. However, as we age, nasolabial folds permanently deepen due to weakening of soft tissue that usually acts like a scaffold to support the structure of the face. An increase in fat to the outside of the line, together with the repetition of facial expressions over time aggravate the appearance. This results in a tired aged appearance. Nasolabial folds become saggy, fall forward, and wrinkles develop in the folds.

Nasolabial Lines 02

What Causes Nasolabial folds?

Nasolabial folds develop naturally as we age. Collagen declines over time and the skin loses elasticity and strength leading to thin wrinkled loose skin. Over time with repeated facial expressions like smiling or laughing the lines become more etched into the skin. There is also shrinking of the bone and soft tissue supporting the nasolabial folds and the overlying fat pads descend causing the folds to deepen.

Volume loss in the cheek area and mid face worsens the nasolabial fold and is often addressed at the same time when treating nasolabial folds.

Deepening nasolabial folds can be exacerbated by other factors including:

  • Excessive sun exposure causing further skin damage and wrinkling
  • Rapid weight loss or frequent fluctuations in weight
  • Smoking
Dermal Fillers treatment for Nasolabial Folds

Dermal Fillers can be used to lift and soften nasolabial folds. It restores volume in the affected areas and smooths out lines. It is used to soften and blend the transition from the cheek to the nose. The volume loss in the shrinking bone and soft tissue is treated with a thick filler that acts as a platform to provide support for and elevate the fold. The wrinkles and skin ageing are treated with a finer thinner filler for smoothing and blending.

Surrounding areas are also assessed as they often contribute to deepening nasolabial folds. In particular cheek volume loss can worsen the nasolabial folds and are often treated at the same time.

The face is a whole unit. Facial harmony and balance are critical to a natural refreshed look.

The aim of treatment is to soften the nasolabial folds, not to completely remove then as this would look unnatural. Results are immediate and can last 6-24 months.

Nasolabial Lines Treatment

What is involved in the treatment?

A thorough assessment and consultation followed by a treatment plan is discussed with you. Each patient has individual anatomy, goals, and facial balance so we individualize every treatment. Included in the assessment is a careful observation of your facial movements in animation and at rest, your facial shape, and your facial proportions. Photographic documentation is part of every initial assessment. The clinicians at Face To Face Medical are highly skilled and strive for the best and most natural result possible.

The pre-packaged Dermal Fillers gel contains Lignocaine (a local anaesthetic) so discomfort during Dermal Fillers injections is usually minimal.

A fine needle or micro-cannula (fine blunt tipped instrument) is used to inject the filler into specific areas of the face. The treatment usually takes 30 -60 minutes. Results are immediate and the benefits last 12- 24 months. Our treatments do not negatively affect facial expression and we avoid overfilling the face. Our aim is to rejuvenate and enhance while maintaining a natural look.

More info on Dermal Fillers?

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