Quick Facts

  • Minimally invasive with no downtime (painless alternative to surgery).
  • Plumps earlobes.
  • Diminishes creases and wrinkles.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Minimizes elongation .
  • Makes it possible to wear earrings again.
Ear Lobe Rejuvenation 02

What is earlobe rejuvenation?

EarLobe Rejuvenation involves injecting filler into the earlobes to volumize and reinflate them and improve:

  • Sagging, stretched, or deflated earlobes
  • Thin and creased earlobes
  • Difficulty wearing earrings due to sagging earlobes.

In youthful earlobes, stud earrings sit flush with the lobe. With age, as earlobes sag, stud earrings point downwards, and hooped earrings pull downwards stretching the hole down. Earlobe Rejuvenation can restore support so that earrings can sit well on the earlobe.

Ear Lobe Rejuvenation 01

Why Do EarLobes Sag?

As we get older, we gradually lose the elasticity and collagen in our skin and soft tissue under the skin. This subsequently causes skin to hang more loosely. These issues can be amplified due to heavy earrings weighing the ears down for prolonged periods of time. Dermal Fillers are an effective way to rejuvenate the overall look of that otherwise sagging, wrinkly earlobe.

Ear Lobe Rejuvenation Treatment

What is Involved in the treatment of Fillers for Earlobes?

After a thorough assessment, an individualized treatment plan will be discussed with you. This includes photographic documentation.

The lobe is strategically injected with filler using a very fine needle to maximize volume, plumpness and reduce the look of wrinkles. The pre-packaged Dermal Fillers already contains Lignocaine (a local anaesthetic) to reduce discomfort. There is minimal discomfort and results are immediate. The procedure takes a few minutes.

What is the recovery for earlobe rejuvenation with filler?

There is no downtime following the procedure and you can return to normal activity straight away. Occasionally minor bruising occurs. Earrings should not be worn for 1 week following treatment.

How long do fillers last?

As with any Dermal Fillers treatment, the effects can last from six months to two years. Earlobes sustain less daily wear and tear so often last longer than filler in other areas of the face.

How much filler is required?

This depends on how deflated and creased your earlobes are to begin with. Generally, each earlobe requires less than half a ml of filler.

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