Quick Facts

  • Neck Bands are vertical muscle bands that span from the Jawline down the neck.
  • Neck Bands are also known as platysmal bands.
  • Antiwrinkle Injections are an effective treatment for Neck Bands.
  • With age, Neck Bands may pull down on the jawline contributing to jowls and aggravating sagging of the chin and jawline areas.
  • 'Nefertiti Neck Lift Treatment' using Antiwrinkle Injections can help improve jowls and create a more defined jawline and neckline.
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What are Neck Bands?

Neck Bands also known as platysmal bands are vertical bands of muscle that run from the chin to the chest.

What causes Neck Bands?

Neck Bands are in fact a muscle called the platysma muscle. This muscle runs in the front and across the sides of the neck from under the jawline and chin to the collar bone. It contracts and become more obvious when you clench your teeth or tighten your jaw muscles.

As we age, we lose collagen. This results in a reduction of skin elasticity and volume.  The layer of fat under the skin known as the subcutaneous tissue also starts to deplete over time. In addition, with age, the Neck Bands become hyperactive and more prominent.  As a result of all these factors, the neck muscle becomes more obvious, which produces a “cord” appearance of the Neck Bands, and the overlying skin looks more aged and wrinkled.  This is more obvious in thin people.

The platysma muscle has the sole function of maintaining the contour of the neck area by sharpening the neck angle below the chin.  As we age this muscle can separate and pull on the jawline. This results in sagging and drooping of the chin, jawline, and jowls. It aggravates the appearance of loose skin on the neck area that form vertical bands.

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Antiwrinkle Injections for Neck Bands

Antiwrinkle Injections are an effective and simple treatment for prominent Neck Bands. Using a very fine needle, Anti-Wrinkle Injections are strategically placed into the vertical neck band (platysma band) to relax the platysma muscle, and therefore soften the Neck Bands.

Antiwrinkle Injections for a 'Nefertiti Neck Lift Treatment'

'Nefertiti Neck Lift Treatment’ consists of a series of tiny injections of Antiwrinkle Injections into the Neck Bands or platysma muscles and under the jawline. This can help reduce the appearance of jowls and turkey neck and define the jawline, improving your appearance.

A comprehensive assessment is critical when treating Neck Bands as this treatment is not suitable for all necks. The ideal candidate has minimal fat and reasonable skin quality. If there is excessive fat and lose skin this may not be the best treatment option. Our experienced clinicians will provide an honest assessment of your situation and your treatment options.

This treatment is often performed in conjunction with jawline filler.

There is no downtime.

These Neck Bands can also relax the bands enough that they will lie down, rather than protrude outward. The number of units (dosage) will depend on the strength of your muscles and whether the bands are visible all the way down on the neck

More information on Antiwrinkle Injections and FAQs.

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