Dermal Fillers

Facial fillers or Dermal fillers are substances used for the correction of wrinkles, scars and skin depressions, improving facial volume, as well as lip enhancement

Facial dermal fillers are injected into the skin to create volume. Dermal fillers offer a quick and easy plumping effect for wrinkles and deep folds such as the nasolabial lines (the line that runs from the nose to the corner of the mouth) and the marionette lines (corners of the mouth). They are also very effective for increasing lip fullness or softening upper lip lines and stopping lipstick bleeding.


The most common facial filler is a naturally occurring substance. One dermal filler is thicker than another and therefore may create more volume and last slightly longer.


How does it work? / The Procedure

The facial filler is injected just beneath the skin surface giving an immediate plumping or filling effect. The facial filler is injected with a very fine needle. It smooths out wrinkles, scars, lines and plumps out lips depending on where you are being injected.


Most areas are tolerated quite well with the use of ice or a numbing cream. The lip area can be more sensitive and  an anaesthetic cream or a dental block (local anaesthetic), similar to what is used at the dentist, can be used to numb the lip area. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.


After the procedure

After the procedure there can be some swelling, redness and bruising (see How to cover bruising under FAQ). There may also be mild tenderness over the area treated. These effects usually settle within the next few days. The lips may take a few extra days to settle.


How long does it last?

Usually lasts 3-18 months depending on the area, filler thickness and the individual.



They are relatively safe. Rarely a hypersensitivity or allergy can occur.


Other Fillers

New Products: There are always new products released on the market which I personally evaluate. I will only recommend products that I feel are effective and have a high safety profile.

Permanent Fillers: Although the idea of a “permanent” filler may sound attractive, these materials may shift, clump, or cause inflammation or infection, sometimes many years later, and cannot be removed except by surgery. The permanent fillers currently available have a significant risk of scarring and infection and at the present time I do not feel confident using them.


Filler And Wrinkle Treatment
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